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> JLAC Attains Impeded Social Security Pensions
JLAC Attains Impeded Social Security Pensions

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Jerusalem – After strenuous efforts, JLAC attained impeded social security pensions for two retired Jerusalem citizens, (Mahmoud A. and Y.S.) after JLAC’s attorney Suleiman Shahin continuously pursued their cases over the past months.


Shahin determined that both cases involved the similar issues: vague and erroneous instructed-information from the National Insurance Institute and Labor Office. Retired citizens continuously misled by these institutions through this method.


In Mahmoud’s case, a Shu’fat resident whom suffers from a severe chronic heart condition visited the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC) to file a claim to attain unemployment benefits for his retirement in 2009. After reviewing the case, JLAC determined that the Labor Office prohibited Mahmoud’s visits since April 2010. It was also revealed, after diligent follow-ups that the Labor Office personnel rendered insufficient procedural-related information to their clients, resulting in the office neglecting to render a significant number of social security pension payments. After appealing the case to the Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ), JLAC attained a positive ruling to retrieve Mahmoud’s unemployment benefits for the unpaid time period. JLAC also provided legal assistance to Mahmoud’s wife, whom is suffering from a psychological disorder. Mahmoud’s wife submitted a disability application to the Labor Office, requesting 60% of the disability pension. JLAC is pursuing to increase the pension to 100%.


In Y.S.’s case, an Issawiya resident living under dire conditions and living with severe injuries, applied for social security pension in May 2010. A Labor Office staff member informed her that she is “not obliged to visit the office”. In response, JLAC rendered a letter to the Labor Office, consisting of medical documents proving her identity and her inability to visit the office due to her severe injury. Y.S. has also provided a sworn oath statement on her physical and economic dire conditions. As a result, on August 10, 2010 JLAC received a letter from the National Insurance Institute stating their approval to remit 100% of her social security pension, by which she has received for the previous months.

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