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Through JLAC’s Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Salfit offices and mobile legal clinics throughout the northern West Bank, great strides are being taken towards reducing the suffering and improving the lives of victims of human rights violations. The cases and consultancies provided by JLAC range in thematic area (from orders of house demolition issued by Israeli authorities to political arrests undertaken by the PA), but all fundamentally seek to empower poor and marginalized individuals and communities with the necessary legal aid and direction to combat and overcome breaches...
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The Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights succeeded in freezing dozens of demolition orders against Bedouin Communities in Fasayil
On 27 of May, 2015, The Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights (JLAC) through its legal Unit, and the Attorney Mr. Mohammad Abbasi succeeded in issuing new injunction orders, through the Israeli High Court of Justice, to freeze dozens of demolition orders against the Bedouin Communities in the Fasayil area, the community is located in the Jordan Valley, and considered as a habitat for dozens of Bedouin families.
The legal intervention is in line with the continuing efforts to protect the Bedouin communities from forced displacement by the Occupation Authorities in the Jordan valley.

Forced Transfer of Bedouins for the Implementation of the E1 Settlement Plan
Israel looks to the presence of Bedouins in the West Bank as an obstacle for the implementation of the E1 Master Plan, which aims to expand and connect settlements in the Jerusalem periphery (towards Jericho) with greater Jerusalem. To be implemented, such will involve the relocation of Bedouin communities residing in this vicinity to designated areas resembling reservations.

Indeed, all Bedouins in the vicinity of Jerusalem (and even in the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea area) are under constant threat of forced and collective transfer and the destruction of their ancient lifestyle, some of them faced transfer several times. In turn, the lives of nearly 12 thousand people, of which more than half are children, may be affected.
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