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Through JLAC’s Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Salfit offices and mobile legal clinics throughout the northern West Bank, great strides are being taken towards reducing the suffering and improving the lives of victims of human rights violations. The cases and consultancies provided by JLAC range in thematic area (from orders of house demolition issued by Israeli authorities to political arrests undertaken by the PA), but all fundamentally seek to empower poor and marginalized individuals and communities with the necessary legal aid and direction to combat and overcome breaches...
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مركز القدس يشارك في التوقيع على بيان يندد بأعمال العُنف في سوريا، ويطالب ب إيقاف نزيف الدم في الشوارع السورية....
The Israeli Knesset Committee Plans to Extend its Jurisdiction to Include the Occupied Territories The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center Considers this a Step towards Annexation
The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC) considered the decision, made by the Committee of the Israeli Knesset in its meeting convened on July 30, 2014, serious and alarming, by which (all permanent Knesset committees are authorized to discuss matters, each according to its jurisdiction and in compliance with Article 100 of the Knesset bylaws and legal precedents. Such matters shall include cases related to the areas of “Judea and Samaria”, enabling the committees of the Knesset to call for all relevant bodies “administrative bodies”, including the army and security apparatus operating in the areas of “Judea and Samaria” as well as taking any action deemed appropriate within rules pertaining to compulsory attendance and delivery of information).
JLAC perceived this decision as a political step which implies legal dimensions and made within the policy of imposing a fait accompli practiced by the Israeli government and its occupying authorities towards the realization of de facto annexation of large parts of the Palestinian territories
Legal Analysis to recent decisions by the Israeli Supreme Court
Recently, Israeli Supreme Court issued some decisions to dismiss petitions regarding demolition orders, that were released by the ICA (Israeli Civil Administration), against Bedouin communities in Area “C” .

After reviewing these decisions, while drawing parallel conclusions based on recent developments regarding decisions of other petitioners, JLAC believes that it should revise the Israeli Supreme Court’s decisions and conduct a legal analysis to develop a new legal strategy in order to prevent the court from issuing such decisions in the future.
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