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17 West Bank Palestinian municipalities, 3 human rights groups petition Israeli Supreme Court against Settlements Law
JLAC Succeeds in canceling the demolition order regarding Arab Al-Rashaydeh School in Al-Nweimah
Unprecedented Collective Punishment Measures against Palestinians in Jabal al Mukabir in East Jerusalem
PHROC and PNGO Welcome UN Security Council's Resolution No. 2334
PHROC Calls for Immediate and Decisive Confrontation of Israel Legalizing Piracy
JLAC published a new newsletter on December 2016.
شبكة المنظمات الأهلية تنظم فعالية لدعم معركة الأسرى
قامت مجموعة من موظفي المؤسسات الحقوقية في رام الله بالتوقف لمدة ١٠ دقائق في شارع القدس الرئيسي وقفة تضامنية مع الأسرى في معركتهم بسجون الاحتلال مع أهالي الأسرى المعتصمين فيها. وقد ساروا في مسيرة من وسط المدينة إلى خيمة الاعتصام بمدينة البيرة مشاركين الأهالي.
Another of Palestine’s knights dismounts...
Another of Palestine’s knights dismounts... The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, along with its Board of Directors, General Assembly, and working team mourn the loss of their Chairman of the Board, intellectual, physics professor, Tayseer Aruri (Abu Fares) Who passed away with this dawn. He will be missed by all who are patriotic and progressive... He will be missed by all who value integrity, decency, and purity of heart...
مركز القدس يشارك في التوقيع على بيان يندد بأعمال العُنف في سوريا، ويطالب ب إيقاف نزيف الدم في الشوارع السورية....
مركز القدس يشارك في التوقيع على بيان يندد بأعمال العُنف في سوريا، ويطالب بإيقاف نزيف الدم في الشوارع السورية....
Demolition in Aqba, Tobas
Details in Arabic (English statement coming soon)
JLAC obliges the Israeli Commander in oPt to cancel a Punitive House Demolition
Position Paper on the Current Funding Crisis of UNRWA, International Responsibility and a Framework of Short and Long-term International Interventions Necessary for Maintaining the Functioning of UNRWA, and Ensuring Fundamental Rights of Palestine Refugees
We, the undersigned members of the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC), prompted by the current funding crisis faced by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), take this opportunity to state our grave, collective concern at these deeply troubling developments, and to call for both the immediate introduction of fair and effective remedial measures, and an urgent rethink in the approach employed by the United Nations and the international community towards the protection of Palestinian refugees; a community now numbering in excess of 7 million people.
Occupation Forces Demolish Barracks and Room in Twayel
Occupation Forces demolished a room and a barracks this morning in Twayel village, near Aqraba, this morning. Families are now helping the family of AbdelFattah Maarouf Bani Fadel relocate and seek a safe refuge, while Jerusalem Legal Aid Center is continuing legal follow up. Twayel village has been subject to illegal measures by the Israeli occupation forces in living and in working conditions.
Justice for Gaza Conflict Victims: response to Richard Goldstone
Joint Press Release: Human Rights Council Resolution
Update on the threat to the Rashaydah Community in Fasayel
The National Campaign had force a decision through the Israeli prosecution to release the bodies of seven Palestinian victims
The Israeli prosecution has agreed to release seven detained bodies of Palestinian victims following a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court made by advocate Mohammad Abu Sneineh from Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC). Following are names of the Palestinians whose bodies will be released: - Wa’el Abu Saleh, from Tulkarem, killed by Israeli forces on 1/7/2016 - Rami Awartani, from Nablus, killed by Israeli forces on 31/7/2016 - Mustafa Barad’eyeh, from Arroub Camp in Hebron, killed by Israeli forces on 19/7/2016 - Sari Abu Garab, from Qabatya in Jenin, killed by Israeli forces on 24/8/2016 - Mohammad Al Saraheen, from Beit Oula in Hebron, killed by Israeli forces on 15/9/2016 - Mohammad Thalji Al Rajabi, from Hebron, killed by Israeli forces on 16/9/2016 - Hatem Al Shaloudi, from Hebron, killed by Israeli forces on 17/9/2016
Joint Urgent Appeal: Hunger Strikers Face Imminent Threats
Joint Urgent Appeal
JLAC Succeed in Preventing the Demolition of Froush Beit Dejan Village’s Main Water Reservoir: Perseverance and Steadfastness Prevail
The Israeli Civil Administration has retracted the intention of demolishing the main and only water reservoir in Beit Dajan village after the petition submitted by JLAC on behalf of the village’s residents to the Israeli Supreme Court.
PCHRO condemns the violent attacks by PA police forces on peaceful demonstrations
As organizations dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the Palestinian Council of Human Rights Organizations (PCHRO) condemns the recent violent attacks by Palestinian Authority (PA) police forces on peaceful demonstrations and demands that the perpetrators of these violations be prosecuted.
JLAC requests an independent probe in Shadid's case
JLAC obliges the Municipality of Jerusalem to improve its services at Kufur Aqab
IT Company Needed for Development of Database
JLAC is seeking a company that can develop a database software.
Joint Open Letter to the Dutch Foreign Minister regarding the Israeli-­‐Dutch Cooperation Forum
Joint Statement of the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council the Death of Prisoner Maysra Abu Hamdiya
It is with a deep sense of mourning and outrage that the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) and the Arab Association for Human Rights greets the news of the death of Maysra Abu Hamdiya ‪(64 years old‪). Maysra died yesterday morning in the intensive care unit of the Israeli Soroka Hospital as a result of the Israel Prison Service‪'s ‪(IPS‪) continuous policy of medical neglect‪ vis-à-vis Palestinian detainees and prisoners. Maysra was married and had four children, all of whom live in Jordan.
مركز القدس يحمل دولة الاحتلال المسؤوليه القانونية عن فقدان جثمان الشهيد أنيس محمود دولة
أعلن مركز القدس للمساعدة القانونية وحقوق الإنسان، في بيان صحفي إدانته الحازمة لما أبلغته المحكمة العليا الإسرائيلية لمحامي المركز الاستاذ هيثم الخطيب عن استنفاذ الجهات الأمنية الإسرائيلية سبل البحث عن جثمان الشهيد أنيس محمود دولة، وتعهدها بارجاع الجثمان حال عثورها عليه مستقبلاً. وأكد أنه، وبعد تدارس الدائرة القانونية بالمركز لهذا البلاغ، فإنه لن يعتبر ذلك نهاية جهوده القانونية في متابعة ملف استرداد جثمان الشهيد دولة.
A letter to the Diplomatic Missions in PA
A letter to Diplomatic mission in PA about the Israeli restrictions on movement, access and residency
PHROC welcomes the EU’s Adherence to International Law
Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Welcome the EU’s Adherence to International Law Through the Adoption of EU Guidelines on EU Support to Israeli Entities or Activities in Illegal Settlements
PHROC: Position Paper on the Return to Direct Negotiations with Israel under US Auspices
The Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC), a coalition of 12 Palestinian human rights organizations operating in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, believes in the importance of settling international conflicts peacefully and believes that negotiations are a legitimate means to achieve this end, provided that they adhere to international legal standards. These standards include: Guaranteeing that international law, as prescribed by the United Nations (UN) Charter, UN resolutions, customary international humanitarian and human rights law, and decisions and opinions of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), is a guiding reference for the rights and obligations of the negotiating parties;
PHROC letter to the Secretary of State John Kerry
PHROC letter to Kerry: The United States’ interference in the implementation of EU guidelines in the context of peace negotiations
PHROC Stands in Solidarity with the Manasrah Family for Refusing to Receive their Son's Frozen Body
PHROC Stands in Solidarity with the Manasrah Family for Refusing to Receive their Son's Frozen Body
JLAC succeed in canceling a Military Order to close a commercial store in Hebron
Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center succeeds in obtaining an order from the Legal Advisor of the Israeli Government to reopen Al-Shaheed stores in Hebron that were closed by a military order on March 15th, 2016.
Diplomat Briefing: Punitive residency revocation: the most recent tool of forcible transfer in Jerusalem
Job Vacancies
JLAC's Open Day
The Nakba at 68: A Catastrophe born of Discrimination and Impunity
As Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons (approximately 66% of Palestinian population worldwide) enter the 69th year of forced displacement from, and within, their ancestral homeland, Israel continues to create intolerable living conditions which further swell the number of displaced Palestinians. This ongoing Nakba (‘catastrophe’) is perpetuated through Israel’s denial of the Palestinian refugees’ Right of Return, the right to self-determination, and various other Israeli policies, which give rise to forced displacement of Palestinians, including forcible transfer and deportation, as grave breaches of international law. These policies are framed within the wider gamut of perpetual human rights violations being committed by Israel on both sides of the green line, across the entirety of the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel.
PHROC Dismayed by Israel's Election to Chair the General Assembly's Legal Sixth Committee
On 13 June 2016, Israel won a vote to chair the United Nations Legal Affairs Sixth Committee (hereinafter the Committee), with the support of 109 member states and no votes against. The Committee acts as the central space through which legal questions are brought before the General Assembly. For 2016-2017, the agenda of the Committee will include measures to eliminate international terrorism, the rule of law at national and international levels, and responsibility of States for internationally wrongful acts, amongst others.
The Occupation’s Decision to Transfer Recently withheld Bodies to the Cemeteries of Numbers in an Effort to Conceal Evidence of their Crimes
A ministerial committee within the Israel Occupation’s cabinet, has issued a series of decisions that serve to collectively punish the Palestinian people. Such includes a decision to transfer the corpses of twelve victims (three of whom are female) currently withheld in refrigerators at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute. Some of the victims have been held in the refrigerators for more than ten months, denying their families the right to bury and mourn their children in accordance to their faith.
We Have Rights: JLAC's Newsletter (August 2016)
Adalah & JLAC: Order to close Palestinian businesses following stabbing attack is vengeful collective punishment
Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC) sent a letter on 22 September 2016 to Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh, and Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, calling on them to halt further implementation of policies of vengeful collective punishment forcing the closure of Arab-owned businesses in East Jerusalem.
JLAC Demands Clarifications... "Deputy Mayor’s Statements are racist and discriminatory”
Jerusalem Center for Human Rights and Legal Aid (JLAC) addressed a strong letter to the deputy mayor of Jerusalem and the head of Planning and Building committee, Mai’r Turjman, requesting a clarification regarding his statement to impose collective punishments against Jerusalemites, after the latest attack that took place in the city. In his statement Mr. Turjman indicated that all planning and licensing requests submitted by Jerusalemites to the municipality will be put aside, and that “the carrot-and-stick policy pursued by the municipality has failed as the carrot now is gone while the stick prevailed.”
JLAC submits a letter concerning the Health Insurance in East Jerusalem
JLAC acquires NGO's Code of Conduct and Good Governance Certificate
On Monday, Nov 28, 2016, JLAC acquired a certificate for its compliance to the principles of the NGO code of conduct, during an event held by the endorsement committee from the NGO Development Center (NDC). The code of conduct examines such aspects such as governance, administration, programs, human resources, finance and external relations. These are evaluated according to the code of conduct’s 12 principles (i.e. 1. compliance with covenants and laws, 2. priority of development, 3. Participation, 4. networking and communication, 5. Transparency, 6. Accountability, 7. equality and inclusiveness, 8. good governance, 9. Prevention of conflict of interest, 10. influence and effectiveness, 11. Integrity, and 12. conflict resolution).
JLAC published a new newsletter on December 2016.
PHROC Calls for Immediate and Decisive Confrontation of Israel Legalizing Piracy
The Israeli Knesset approved this week a settlement bill in first reading. The immediate application of this legislation legalizes about 4,000 settlement units built in 55 settlements throughout Area (C) that is under full Israeli control according to Oslo Accords and constitutes 60% of the West Bank. The Israeli governing coalition openly reveals the legalization of this piracy is considered as the second political coup after the first one that occurred in 1977 and brought the first right-wing settlement coalition to the Israeli government. Naftali Bennett, leader of the Jewish Home (Habayit Hayehudi) party and Education Minister, considered the bill as "A first step away from the two-state solution towards annexing the West Bank and practicing sovereignty over land but not its inhabitants". This deepens and legalizes the apartheid being imposed through two different legal systems practiced on two populations living on the same land. Moreover, the population, whose existence on that land goes in violation of the international humanitarian law, several UN resolutions and International Court of Justice (ICJ) Ruling on the Annexation Wall in 2004, is privileged.
PHROC and PNGO Welcome UN Security Council's Resolution No. 2334
The Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) and Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO) welcome the UN Security Council's Resolution no. (2334) of 2016 on Israel's continuing construction and expansion of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967 and praises the position of Venezuela, Malaysia, Senegal and New Zealand. These countries insisted on putting forward the draft resolution before the Security Council for a vote, constituting actual practice of their international responsibilities under the international law and principles of justice.
Unprecedented Collective Punishment Measures against Palestinians in Jabal al Mukabir in East Jerusalem
Jabal al Mukabir neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem is being subjected to a campaign of collective punishment measures carried out by the Israeli occupation police, municipality, security forces and ministries. This includes the decision by the Israeli Minister of Interior to revoke the residencies of 12 members of the Al Qanbar family to-date, and delivering demolition notices for 81 houses in Al Qanabara neighborhood, on the pretext of building without a permit. Other punitive collective measures have unlawfully been targeting the entire population of Jabal al Mukabir, which included the closure of main roads resulting in the disruption of the movement of people and public transport. This has undermined the ability to provide medical aid in the area.
JLAC Succeeds in canceling the demolition order regarding Arab Al-Rashaydeh School in Al-Nweimah
The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center- JLAC has succeeded in canceling the demolition order regarding the Arab Al-Rashaydeh School in the Al-Nweimah area (servicing a community of 320 people). The Israeli Civil Administration- ICA issued a demolition order for the school in June 2016, with the excuse of it lacking a building permit. After exhausting all legal proceedings before of the ICA (which insisted on executing the demolition order), JLAC was prompted to appeal before the Israeli High Court through the Center's lawyer Mr. Mohammad Abbasi on August 18th, 2016. An immediate injunction was issued preventing the ICA from carrying out the demolition order, with the demolition order against the school recently cancelled.
17 West Bank Palestinian municipalities, 3 human rights groups petition Israeli Supreme Court against Settlements Law
Seventeen Palestinian municipalities and three human rights organizations from the West Bank, Israel, and Gaza Strip jointly petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court on 8 February 2017 to cancel the highly controversial Settlement Regularization Law on the grounds that it violates international humanitarian law and is unconstitutional. The petition was filed by Attorneys Suhad Bishara and Mysanna Morany of Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and Attorney Shaheen Suleiman of the Jerusalem Legal Aid Center (JLAC) on behalf of the local Palestinian authorities (15 rural councils and two municipalities). The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza also joined the case as a petitioner.
Families of Detained Casualties
Israel’s Secret Cemeteries
JLAC Attains Impeded Social Security Pensions
Jehon Steals from Palestinian Families
Life’s Turmoil Continues for Prisoners’ Families
JLAC Succeeds in Registering Two Girls
JLAC Board Member Honored by UN
JLAC submits a petition to open road # 466
Joint Intervention: Vanishing East Jerusalem
Joint Open Letter to Polish Government
Joint Letter to US President Barack Obama
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