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> JLAC acquires NGO's Code of Conduct and Good Governance Certificate
JLAC acquires NGO's Code of Conduct and Good Governance Certificate

 On Monday, Nov 28, 2016, JLAC acquired a certificate for its compliance to the principles of the NGO code of conduct, during an event held by the endorsement committee from the NGO Development Center (NDC). The code of conduct examines such aspects such as governance, administration, programs, human resources, finance and external relations. These are evaluated according to the code of conduct’s 12 principles (i.e. 1. compliance with covenants and laws, 2. priority of development, 3. Participation, 4. networking and communication, 5. Transparency, 6. Accountability, 7. equality and inclusiveness, 8. good governance, 9. Prevention of conflict of interest, 10. influence and effectiveness, 11. Integrity, and 12. conflict resolution).

The certificate was granted to JLAC after it succeeded in three main stages of examining its commitment in this regard. The first stage was involved self-assessment. The second stage involved verification by the assessment team from NDC. Lastly, the third stage was that of issuing a certificate of compliance to the code of conduct. The endorsement committee was formed in 2014 to enhance the capacities of civil society in attaining a higher level of efficiency, accountability, and transparency and to urge NGOs to overcome any weakness hindering their growth or sustainability. 266 NGOs have carried out the self assessment; 67 of which applied to NDC to verify the results of the assessment. NDC examined the assessment results of 63 NGOs; 23 of which were granted the compliance certificate. JLAC was one of those NGOs.

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