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JLAC published a new newsletter on December 2016.
> JLAC Succeed in Preventing the Demolition of Froush Beit Dejan Village’s Main Water Reservoir: Perseverance and Steadfastness Prevail
JLAC Succeed in Preventing the Demolition of Froush Beit Dejan Village’s Main Water Reservoir: Perseverance and Steadfastness Prevail

The Israeli Civil Administration has retracted the intention of demolishing the main and only water reservoirin Beit Dajan village after the petition submitted by JLAC on behalf of the village’s residents to the Israeli Supreme Court.

In February 2015, the council of Beit Dajan village has received a stop working and demolishing order for the village’s water reservoir that has a capacity of more than 500 cubic meters, and is considered the main source of water for more than 1000 residents, on the grounds of a lack of legal permit. Afterwards, the village’s council sought the help of JLAC for legal counseling.

As a first step, JLAC addressed the planning committee of the civil administration explaining the nature of the water reservoir and the mass needs of the residents for it. On the other hand, the committee asked to submit an application in order to obtain a permit. JLAC responded immediately and submitted the application. However, the application was rejected by the committee due to lack of proof of ownership, arguing that the water reservoir is built on a land that is classified as state property.

As a result, JLAC has submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court, explaining the needs of the residents to the water. In its petition, JLAC has argued that state property is dedicated for public use and that the military commander is obliged to secure the needs of the locals under the provisions of the Hague and the Geneva Convention.

Subsequently, the civil administration has retracted from demolishing the water reservoir and informed the Supreme Court with its intentions, declaring that in case for any demolishing in the future, the civil administration will inform the residents ahead of time to submit any petitions.

It is worth mentioning that JLAC is representing hundreds of house demolishing and displacement cases, in addition to tens of cases related to land confiscation and the attacks and violence of settlers. JLAC has successful achievements in these interventions, through which the center aims to advocacy on international level in order to eliminate the Israeli violence on Palestinians.

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