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> JLAC Succeeds in Registering Two Girls
JLAC Succeeds in Registering Two Girls

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Jerusalem – Every time Aminah passes through the Israeli military barrier, she is confronted by Israeli soldiers, whom hold her for hours in custody simply because she has not been able to register her two daughters in her ID status. At times, she is even severely interrogated by the soldiers for this regard.


Even enrolling her daughter in school required Aminah to check back with the Israeli Ministry of Interior several times to attain an issued-birth certificate in facilitating the educational enrollments. The Israeli Ministry of Interior provided no response to her requests. This led Aminah to visit the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC) to follow up her case.

JLAC’s attorney, Mr. Mohammad Abu Snineh, stated that the Center commenced pursuing Aminah’s case from the beginning of March 2010, at which point he expressed to her that there was no definite timeframe for the Israeli Ministry of Interior’s response in regards to her case (as the ministry attempts to stonewall similar cases as much as possible). Abu Snineh immediately submitted a request for her ability to register her daughter with the ministry. As a result, the ministry replied back to JLAC in July of 2010, requesting several needed documents from Aminah (i.e. lease contracts from previous years, electricity and water invoices dating back to 2004, a proven written document stating that she receives medical treatment from the General Sick Fund (Kupat Holim Clalit), her daughter’s vaccination card, a certified bank statement from the National Insurance Institute, a residence oath certificate stating that she currently resides in Jerusalem with her two daughters, and among other documents). JLAC and Aminah prepared and submitted the requested documents to the Israeli Ministry of Interior’s offices located on the northern vicinity of the Wadi Al Joz Valley in early August of 2010.


After long delays and various correspondences, the ministry rendered its approval to JLAC, allowing Aminah to register her two daughters under her ID status, concluding the registration process in 7 months. Abu Snineh noted that child registration for Jerusalemite-Palestinians is continuously impeded at the Israeli Ministry of Interior, unlike how such is commonly facilitated in other countries around the world where children are automatically registered under their parents’ residency status without the need to submit numerous requested documents. Abu Snineh also estimated that approximately 10,000 Jerusalemite-Palestinian children have gone unregistered by the Israeli Ministry of Interior.


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